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Trimming & Edging

The Lawn Squad are all about the details.

We at The Lawn Squad treat lawn care as an art form, and like any work of art it’s the finer details that make the biggest difference.

As a part of our routine lawn mowing service we make sure to trim any areas we couldn’t reach with our mowers while simultaneously taking extra special care not to damage any of your sprinkler heads or anything else that wouldn’t hold it’s own against a full throttle string trimmer. This ensures the height of your lawn stays consistent and that your personal property is in safe hands.

We are pretty edgy, but in a good way.

Nothing makes us quite as satisfied as when the edge of a lawn and the edge of a curb or driveway are perfectly parallel.  

Using our blade edger, we establish edge lines around all of your curbs and driveways for a pristine and proper finish. After that it’s just a matter of keeping your edges maintained on a regular basis.

The Lawn Squad are absolutely nuts about this sort of stuff and strive to help you achieve a picture perfect lawn with every visit.  

We genuinely do treat them as well (if not better) than we treat our own!