About Us

Mitchell Dyer - Director

Hey nice to meet you! I'm Mitchell.

I founded the lawn squad in late 2019 as a part-time project to keep me busy and earn a bit of pocket change in the weekends.  After getting made redundant during the Covid-19 outbreak I decided to go all in once New Zealand opened back up for business.

As of 2021 The Lawn Squad is now trading as a limited liability company and services over 50 regular customers in the Tauranga region.  My vision with The Lawn Squad is to take the knowledge, experience and tech saviness I've built over the years  and use it to re-define the expected standards of an old school, sweaty service business.  The Lawn Squad aim to modernize and become the gold standard of the lawn care industry in New Zealand.

When I'm not out on the road mowing lawns or in the office building systems to help my business run better, I can usually be found surfing somewhere along the coast of Mount Maunganui or skateboarding around town.